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Vestegnen HF & VUC provides general education for adults and young people.

Almost 3500 individuals attend our courses at any one time, and we have a staff of about 200.

Our courses comprise a wide range of subjects and we provide classes at all levels: basic numeracy and literacy skills, secondary school and high school.

We have a specialised dyslexics department that provide testing and courses for dyslexics, and we provide customised courses for company staff and organisations.

The greater part of our students are between 17 and 30 and attend our high school courses aiming to qualify for entrance into university and other further education.

We agree on an individual course plan for each student based on the competences and goals of this particular student.

Flexibility is one of our core values. Students can start courses at any time at one of our two branches or online. E-learning accounts for about 25% of our courses.

Participation in our courses is only possible for students with basic knowledge of Danish. For this reason, our web page as such has not been translated into other languages.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in further details about our courses, our organisation etc.

We are always interested in extending our international contacts within the EU and beyond.

You may e-mail us at